Finance Division

  • The Finance Division is responsible for the management of accounts, budget planning, accounting, revenue projections, capital financing, investments, grants and loans, auditing and review of compliance with accounting and management control systems related to the VIWMA’s annual spending. As an autonomous agency, the VIWMA is responsible for its own debts, expenditures, contracts, funds, facilities, and property.

    The budget for the VIWMA is currently financed through an appropriation of funds for the VI Government’s General Fund which is required to cover the start-up/transition costs. This funding will continue on a descending scale to sustain the Authority until revenues from fees are received to offset operating costs. 


    The Accounting office is responsible for the day-to-day operations for the timely processing of the accounts receivables and payables. This includes vendor payments and the processing of monthly re-occurring bills that keep the VIWMA in business. This area is also responsible to set up accounts with various providers of services for the Authority’s divisions and offices. 


    The Payroll section is the source of employee waged and salaried disbursements based on time and attendance submittals. This area is responsible for the timely processing of pay checks and the payment to creditors based on employees’ listed deductions