Office of Compliance Management and Environmental Enforcement

  • This area is responsible for the Authority’s compliance with local and federal rules and regulations. It files non-compliance notifications, inspects waste haulers vehicles for the issuance of waste haulers permits for solid waste and wastewater haulers, generates and reviews policy and procedures for the wastewater and solid waste divisions, and supervises the Environmental Enforcement Officers.

    Environmental Enforcement

    The Office of Compliance Management oversees the Environmental Enforcement Program. These Officers can issue citations to those persons and/or businesses that violate the applicable laws of the Virgin Islands Code. A warrant can be issued for your arrest if you fail to pay the fine or appear in court to defend your case. Warnings may be given, and citations will be issued for those persons found to be in violation of VI Laws. Fines for littering can range from a minimum of a $1,000 per violation.