Wastewater Haulers

All companies, including Government Agencies, who utilize the landfills or wastewater treatment plants for disposal are required to have a Septage Disposal Permit.

  • Wastewater Rules and Regulations
  • Contact Information
  • Permit Requirements and Application: To obtain a waste haulers’ permit, the following are to be presented at the time of submitting the application:
    • Valid vehicle registration and insurance
    • Current business license
    • Proof of liability insurance
    • VIPD Inspection Report, if applicable
  • An appointment will be given for vehicle inspections after review of the permit application. Vehicles must successfully pass an inspection, the following shall be assessed:
    • Hydraulics system
    • Vehicles’ body and dump box
    • Lights
    • Tools (Tarpaulin, Rake/Shovel/Broom, and Scones/Reflector Lights)
  • List of Permitted Haulers