Administrative Services

  • Facilities/Property

    This area of the Division of Procurement and Property is in charge of managing all real property for the Authority. The Division is responsible for locating, managing and procuring any and all real property that the Authority wishes to utilize for its day to day operations. Facilities management will also fall under this section. As the Authority acquires real property, its proper maintenance falls under the purview of Procurement and Property. This includes the daily maintenance of the facilities, oversight of emergency repairs, landscaping and beautification, negotiation of leases, and other related services.

    Fleet Management

    Fleet Management is the portion of the Division of Procurement and Property that is responsible for the purchase and maintenance of all of the Authority’s vehicles. All vehicular assets are tasked to the Fleet Manager. Responsibilities include purchasing, maintaining and dispatching of vehicles, scheduling of preventative maintenance servicing, developing specifications for future purchases, and the annual inspection and registering of the Authority’s vehicles.