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How to Purchase a Residential Waste Receptacle

Purchase the VIWMA 64-Gallon Trash Cart using the PayPal buttons at the bottom of this page.

Carts are delivered at the VIWMA office.

Note: Senior Citizens and the physically challenged can call to arrange for the delivery of the cart once payment has been made.

Trash Cart

Purchase Your Trash Cart Here

Use the Buy Now button that corresponds to your location.

Trash carts will be delivered at the VIWMA office.

Make sure you print out your receipt and bring it with you to the VIWMA Office.

Note: You will be redirected temporarily to the PayPal website for processing your payment.

Up to two carts per household.

St. Croix
(Williams Delight)

Temporarily Out of Stock
Contact Us to Make a Reservation
St. John
(Susanneberg Landfill)

Buy Now
St. Thomas
(WMA Office at Subbase)

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