House-To-House Collection Schedules

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Residents are asked to take the time and prepare their household waste properly for disposal. All persons, who receive house-to-house collection services, are reminded to place their household waste in a sealed bag in a securely closed receptacle on the mornings of curbside collection.

Those persons who are provided with house-to-house collection are reminded that each household is allowed to place curbside a maximum of (2) 64-gallon containers or one 64-gallon receptacle per unit for apartment buildings of up to four units. The waste receptacles are to be cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Those buildings with more than 4 units and all commercial and industrial businesses are reminded that they are required by law to utilize a private permitted and licensed waste hauler for the collection and disposal of their solid waste. Any apartment building or business owners found to be disposing of waste at a public bin site will be cited. Citations start at $1,000 per violation and are criminal offenses.

Residents who need to dispose of sharps, such as needles used for diabetic testing or insulin use, are asked to place their sharps in an empty plastic container and include the container in household trash when full.

Residents can also dispose of small quantities of cooking oil by placing the cooled oil back into a securely covered container and place the container with their household waste.

For more information, contact the Authority’s Division of Solid Waste at 778-1231 on St. Croix, 776-7971 on St. Thomas, and 776-6346 on St. John.

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