Residential Information

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Residences on Water Bay, St. Thomas.
Residences on Water Bay, St. Thomas.

The Authority provides residents with various waste management services, including collection and disposal of solid waste and wastewater. Solid waste collection services include disposal (bin) sites and house-to-house collection. Wastewater services include the collection, treatment and disposal of all wastewater that enters the public sewer system.

Solid Waste House-to-House Collection Schedules

Residents are asked to take the time and prepare their household waste properly for disposal. All residents who receive house-to-house collection services are asked to place their household waste in sealed bag in a securely closed receptacle on the mornings of curbside collection. The links below provide additional information for the different islands:

Photo of sea in St. Croix
> St. Croix

Photo of St. John's beach
> St. John

St.Thomas harbour
> St. Thomas

Disposal (Bin) Sites

The hilly terrain and narrow roadways are part of the character and uniqueness of our islands; but they also tend to hamper the ease of house-to-house solid waste collection for many residents. Historically, roadside waste disposal, or bin, sites have been put in place to provide residents and visitors alike the convenience of solid waste disposal where house-to-house services cannot be provided due to the terrain.
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Preserving Paradise Community

Keeping Paradise clean is the responsibility of all who live here or visit our shores. The VIWMA has developed a program geared to educate and involve our neighborhoods and communities in keeping their yards and public neighborhood areas clean and beautified. Residents are also asked to be the eyes and ears of the Authority. We ask residents to call us and report any waste management problems that they may see, such as broken sewer lines, uncollected waste, littering violations or illegal dumpsites. We also ask them to report any acts of vandalism that they may witness against any of our facilities, equipment and vehicles.
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Report A Problem

The VIWMA is here to serve YOU -- YOU are the reason we do what we do every day. But the Authority also relies on YOU to be the eyes and ears of the VIWMA.  YOUR input is needed to help us to do our job to the best of our ability and to provide a safe, clean environment for you and your family…for generations to come! Help us by reporting any problems you encounter.

Did you see a leaking or broken sewer line, an overflowing manhole, a pump station being vandalized? Was your garbage not picked up today? Did you see debris flying into the road from a truck without the proper coverage? Did you find an illegal dumpsite? Is your neighbor littering his property? Complete the Report A Problem form or call us today!

Recycling Information

The VIWMA has initiated several recycling programs including collection and proper end-of-life management for electronic devices, fluorescent bulbs, scrap metal, tires, aluminum can, and used motor oil disposal sites. It also supports members of the community or organizations who initiate their own recycling programs or businesses.
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The Community Enrichment Grant (CEG) Program provides an opportunity for organizations, clubs, and schools to actively partner with the VIWMA to create a cleaner, healthier, and safer environment through proposed projects that emphasize recycling, reusing, reducing and composting. The Environmental Programs Division  advertises this program twice per year. There is $50,000 available per district per cycle for programs and projects. An application and evaluation process determines those organizations which will receive these grants which can include any or all of the available moneys for that district based on the approved program.
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