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Office of the Executive Director
This Office is the heart of the Authority and provides the direction, initiative, and guidance needed to fulfill the vision and mission of the Agency. The logistics of administrative and support services assist with the readinessand responsiveness of the support divisions. The methods of internal and external communications to educate and inform both the public and the employees of the projects and programs that the VIWMA has. While Human Resources provides guidelines for hiring, firing and training of staff.

Office of the Chief Financial Officer
The responsibilities include the financial accountability and transparency of the Authority. This Office provides the management of funds including budget planning, accounts receivable and payable, payroll, capital planning and investments, and fiscal responsibility.

Office of the Chief Operating Officer
Operations is the core of why the Authority exists. It is responsible for supervising the operating divisions within the Authority – Solid Waste and Wastewater. It provides oversight supervision of the field crew and operations and management of the waste collection, treatment and disposal facilities, assuring their compliance with local and federal mandates.

Office of the Chief Engineering
The Engineering Division is responsible for the developing of scopes of services and the project management of both in-house and contractor projects.

Office of General Counsel
Legal Counsel reviews all contracts and other documents for legal sufficiency. This office also defends the Authroity in any legal matters that may occur. The responsinilities for compliance management and environmental enforcement is also supervised under this office.

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