Preserving Paradise Campaign

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Our Environment, Our Health and Our Economy Needs You

Our environment, our health and our economy depends on a clean environment. And, who is responsible for taking care of the environment and the natural beauty around us in the Territory? The answer is… ALL OF US!

Go green signEvery day, the men and women of the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority work together with its partners to promote a clean and healthy environment. Everyone has a responsibility. We all make decisions every day. And, we can choose actions that help to protect our environment.

When we think of the environment, many people talk about “Going Green”. But, do you really know what that means? “Going Green” is all about becoming environmentally conscious in your decisions to reduce pollution.

How can we reduce pollution? For Waste Management, the answer is easy. It’s the proper disposal of all waste. The VIWMA’s Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program is the perfect example for proper waste disposal of hazardous household products. Chemicals and hazardous waste products generally found around the home should never be placed in the regular trash.

Disposing trash properly icon These items and substances are potentially hazardous to people and the environment if not handled properly. HHW items can be flammable, poisonous, corrosive, or may even be explosive. To protect the environment, the VIWMA requests your assistance in helping us to keep household hazardous waste out of the environment, the landfills and transfer stations by participating in our HHW Collection Program. For the full list of items accepted at the HHW facilities, visit this page on our website.

Preserving Paradise Partnership Program

In addition to the HHW Program, the VIWMA officially launched its Preserving Paradise Partnership Program during the month of March 2014 at respective Chamber of Commerce’s Business After-Hours Events on St. Thomas and St. Croix.

The Preserving Paradise Partnership Program is a pledge for individuals, communities, schools, businesses and government agencies to “Keep Our Islands Clean.” It is a 3-tier program:

Eco friendly iconThe goals are to encourage “behavioral change” in citizens and to instill awareness and personal interest in taking care of our beautiful islands. Schools, communities and businesses may also join efforts with VIWMA through our Preserving Paradise Adopt-A-Spot Program to sponsor a clean-up effort or community outreach event.

Once accepted to the Program, the VIWMA will provide businesses, schools or communities with the technical and practical support to complete the project and with Preserving Paradise signage or decals. The purpose of these are

  • show your commitment to “Keep Our Islands Clean”, and
  • to assist in promoting proper disposal and a litter free Virgin Islands.

Earth Day should not be a one day or one month event. It needs to be a yearlong commitment. Preserving Paradise requires all of us. You can be a part of the community pride movement to Preserve Paradise. Our environment, our health and our economy depends on a clean environment.

It’s Our Home. Let’s Keep It Clean.

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Preserving Paradise Jingle

> Click here to download the audio file (WMA-Preserving-Paradise-Jingle.wma, 927 Kb)

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