Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC)

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What is the VIWMA CAC?

  • CAC is the Citizens Advisory Committee
  • A group of volunteer citizens interested in waste management issues and the protection of our natural resources
  • Members advise on long range planning of waste management initiatives

Why Form a CAC?

  • To form public-private partnerships
  • To discuss waste management issues and the protection of our natural resources
  • To act as an advocate in the community regarding the progress of the Authority
  • To pool resources, to obtain support
  • To give citizens a voice in decision-making and prioritizing issues regarding waste management

Responsibilities of a CAC Member

  • Attend meetings with VIWMA staff
  • Review technical information
  • Work together to solve environmental concerns

Keys To Success

  • Participation and support by all sectors of the community
  • Open to all viewpoints and alternatives
  • Dedication and Commitment
  • As An Active CAC Member
  • Attend meetings, voice concerns and provide solutions
  • Provides information and expertise and encourages others to participate

Thank You!

  • Your support is valuable to us.
  • We want to create partnerships.
  • Become a member today.
  • The DEADLINE to become a member is: JUNE 13, 2012

The meetings

The meetings are a continuation of an effort initiated several years ago by the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority (VIWMA) to engage, inform and solicit advice from the community serving under the auspices of the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC).

Two important outcomes of the CAC meetings were: Establishing criteria for the Integrated Solid Waste Management Plan (ISWMP), and, the Source Reduction Projection Chart that served as a guide for developing and evaluating waste management policies and strategies.

CAC open house 2012These criteria were evaluated for the environmental, energy, and economic benefits and impacts using the Municipal Solid Waste Decision Support Tool commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency. Based on the evaluation report, the VIWMA proceeded to solicit solid waste management facilities for the Territory that would meet the criteria. Five years have passed and, in this round we are inviting major stakeholders to participate in a new effort in order to finalize the process.

Over the next eight months, your agency will provide valuable input on short and long range waste management initiatives, help to evaluate and update criteria for the ISWMP, and serve as an advocate to support our public education and community outreach programs. The VIWMA is especially interested in constructive feedback on how to further improve our solid waste, waste water and compliance and enforcement systems as well as instituting effective fee and cost control measures. We are interested in hearing about specific solid waste and waste water issues or experiences your agency has had and most importantly how they can function more effectively.

Please plan for one or more of your designees to attend one of the following open houses: St. Thomas – Tuesday, May 22nd at the Windward Passage; St. John – Wednesday, May 23rd at the UVI St. John Academic Center at the Market Place or St. Croix – Thursday, May 24th at the Curriculum Center. The sessions will begin at 6:00pm.

Thank you for your support and dedication to preserving paradise in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

> Download Presentation Open House 2012

Contact Information

St. Thomas

Cordell Jacobs, Program Manager
9500 Wheatley Center II
Charlotte Amalie, VI 00802
PH: 340.777.3073/340.775.5031
Fax: 340.777.3284

St. John

Kysha Wallace, Environmental Educator
Cordell Jacobs, Program Manager
9500 Wheatley Center II
Charlotte Amalie, VI 00802
PH: 340.777.3073
Fax: 340.777.3284

St. Croix

Charmin L. Springer, Environmental Educator
941-946 Estate Williams Delight
Frederiksted, VI 00840
PH: 340.712.4962
Fax: 340.719.1835

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