Solid Waste Instructions and Definitions

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The Office of Compliance Management and Environmental Enforcement  issues permit applications and conducts inspections of vehicles for the disposal of solid waste, scrap metal and other allowable items at the Authority’s landfills and transfer station. A complete application packet, including fees, insurance coverage and other requirements, is available at the Office of Compliance Management and Environmental Enforcement.


  1. Read thoroughly and fill in the application form completely. Incomplete or unsigned applications shall not be processed.
  2. Application must be signed by the person who is responsible for the accuracy of the information given and liability.
  3. Submit application for processing with copies of the following documents:
    • Vehicle Registration;
    • Liability Insurance;
    • Business License


Special Waste
Any waste material from a business, commercial or industrial source which, because of its origin, physical state, chemical or other characteristics, would suggest that it may: be a hazardous waste, contain hazardous substances, or waste prohibited at landfills and in sewer systems, require additional management such as hazard review or special disposal conditions and/or precautions, carries potential liability to the Waste Management Authority; operator of the Territory’s Landfills and Sewer System, or could present health hazards to the public and environment.

Unacceptable Waste

  • Hazardous Waste and PCB waste as defined by Federal or VI law, and waste which is a threat to the public health and the environment.
  • Waste prohibited from landfill disposal by VI or Federal law, regulation, rule, code, permit, or permit condition.
  • Waste which in the judgment of the Waste Management Authority will cause unreasonable operational difficulties, hazards, risks to solid waste and waste water personnel, or create unreasonable liability for the Authority.
  • Waste water that has been chemically altered, tires, motor oil, lead/acid batteries, and sealed drums and containers. Applicant should call for a list of all currently unacceptable wastes or if in doubt as to the acceptability of their load. 

Applicant is required to determine whether or not the waste is hazardous. The Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority cannot make that determination but may confirm the applicant’s determination. 

Waste Disposal Fee

  1. Waste Water- $75.00 per 1,000 Gallons
  2. Solid Waste (Special Waste) - $50.00 per Ton ($20.00 minimum for less than 200 lbs.)
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