Message from the Executive Director

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As the Authority continues to improve our operations and customer services, we are integrating new technology into all aspects of our business functions. We have utilized Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for mapping and Zoom Technology for evaluating and rating our underground and sewer infrastructure. Using this data and information, Engineering prioritizes capital improvement projects and Wastewater Operations prioritizes routine preventative sewer line cleaning. Both of these programs result in reduced sewer line blockages, overflows, broken lines, pump failures and bypasses.

Telemetry systems to connect our operating plants with notification devices for failure alerts, intrusion and shut down modes will reduce the man hours required to manage the waste water management systems --- pump stations and treatment plants. At the higher level, in the future, we will also incorporate SCADA systems that will be capable of data collection and automated operations further reducing operating expenses and providing valuable information for decision making and budget planning.

Looking to 2012, the Operations Divisions will implement a Preventative Maintenance and Work Order System.  This effective and efficient management of manpower, equipment, supplies and resources will result in less down time and better accountability and cost reduction. The automation of the system will permit the time required to repair and maintain our facilities and infrastructure.

Our scales at the landfills will be upgraded with data collection modules capable of uploading the data directly to the comprehensive database for assisting the operations planning and engineering offices determine the landfill life and the capacity of future facilities.

Security cameras will soon be installed to track and catch violators who continue to litter our islands and violate rules and regulations designed to protect your public health and our environment. They do this at all of our expense. Our limited tax dollars must be used to clean up after those violators.

Customers can, anonymously, report problems and request services and information online. You will also be able to upload photos of subject sites and complaints.

Our new Financial Management System is designed to provide the Authority, the Government, the Public Service Commission, and the general public with detailed financial information to support our commitment to accountability and transparency.

For our customers, we will be able to communicate directly with you on project impacts and schedules, and other important press releases and precautions with respect to improvements in your communities. You can sign up on our website to allow us to send you alerts to educate and inform you on a regular basis. You can also view our job vacancies and solicitations for professional and construction services.

Our website will be even more user friendly – easy to navigate, an educational experience, and a pleasure to visit. You will invite others to visit, we are sure.  We will be able to further enhance your access to this information about our services and schedules. Additionally, we will provide you with resources to assist you in providing services to the Authority.


Roger Merritt
Executive Director

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