Message from the Chairman

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Dodson JamesI am Dodson James, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority. I was appointed to the Board in January 2008 and elected as Chairman in June 2009. In keeping with the founding legislation that formed the Authority, we are responsible for efficiently collecting, transporting, treating and disposing of the Territory’s wastewater and solid waste.  On the surface, it may appear that what we do is simply empty garbage bins and stop sewage leaks; those are the basic tasks that we must do on a daily basis, for certain, but what we do is of far greater significance as it relates to the public’s well being.  Doing our jobs -- and doing our jobs well -- is essential to the health, welfare and living conditions of the citizens of the Territory, as well as to the promotion and growth of industry and employment. Obviously, a clean environment is essential to all of us.  Please know that the Board is committed to making sure the Authority performs its duties and puts into place sound and lasting solid waste and wastewater systems that will sustain the Territory and its residents for generations to come.  

The Authority was formed largely because, in the past, our solid waste and wastewater systems were not in compliance with local and federal mandates. Since the Authority’s inception in 2004, much has been accomplished toward those ends.

Major achievements include:

  • The construction of two new state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities
  • The completion of major upgrades to pump stations on St. Croix
  • The evaluation of design build proposals for the first convenience center for solid waste disposal on St. Croix

And, while those are some of the major achievements, the daily accomplishments are important, too, like responding and being sensitive to residents’ calls and concerns about garbage pickup or busted sewage pipes. All, big and small, are significant and our response goes a long way in how we are perceived by the public. 

Currently, some major ventures are in the works for the Authority. These include bringing on-line waste-to-energy facilities which will burn refused-derived fuel and will offer long-term solutions to the disposal of municipal solid waste in the territory.  The two landfills must be closed, because they are at the end or near the end of their life’s capacity.  Therefore, it’s imperative that the Authority comes up with long-term and sustainable solutions that will serve the territory.   In addition, the Authority has recently  assisted the V.I. Government in setting up two sites where residents can dispose of household hazardous waste, such as fluorescent light bulbs, household chemicals and other materials that cannot and should not be disposed of  in the regular bins. These household hazardous waste sites are in operations at the Bovoni Landfill on St. Thomas and at the Authority’s office complex in Estate Williams’ Delight on St. Croix.

As you see, a lot is going on at the Virgin Island Waste Management Authority.  I am encouraged by what I see -- and with everyone taking to heart our slogan, “Preserving Paradise,” we will be in the right mindset to accomplish even more.

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